Build a Solid Defense Against Serious Assault Charges

Build a Solid Defense Against Serious Assault Charges

Any assault conviction can prevent you from getting jobs and affect your parental rights.

You've been arrested for domestic battery-now what? You have the right to seek representation in Evansville, IN. Turn to Collins & Associates, a local criminal defense law firm, for legal assistance.

We have decades of trial experience and an in-depth understanding of local criminal assault law. Don't wait another day to seek guidance-call 812-475-1234 now (24/7) for your free consultation.

Learn how we can help you

It's important to consider your goals before meeting with a battery defense lawyer. Many Evansville, IN and Southern Indiana clients turn to Collins & Associates hoping to...

Avoid spending time in jail
Avoid a criminal conviction
Expunge, or erase, the arrest record

We will give your case our undivided attention and work toward your goals. Call Collins & Associates now to start building your defense.